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Artificial Intelligence, an invention of this century?

In the last 10 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced an ever-increasing development all over the world. Currently, many companies need to incorporate intelligence into their machines, with the aim of having a similar reasoning that a human being can have, and thus, increase the efficiency in all their functions. Keeping in mind the big interest generated by the Artificial Intelligence today, is AI an invention of this century?
The interest of the human being towards the functioning of the mind and combining it with a machine has existed since ancient times. Aristotle, near 300 BC, made his first findings on a set of rules that described a part of the functioning of the human mind. He followed the mathematical Ctesibio (250 a.C.), building the first self-controlled machine, a water regulator that acted by modifying his behavior. Technology and concepts were evolving, to the point that Alan Turing, a young English mathematician, began to undertake a thorough investigation into human intelligence applied to machines. Four years before dying, in 1950, Turing launched the Computing Machinery and Intelligence article to the world, starting a new field of study, which in 1956 was given the term "Artificial Intelligence." This term was coined during the Dartmouth conference where they attended among others John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell and Claude Shannon. In the late 90's, the first conditions were given to develop this premature technology.

Since then, the interest of artificial intelligence has had cyclical behavior and it has not been until the 21st century that artificial intelligence has become the star of the technology sector. The transformation of the last years, closely linked to the control and study of large amounts of data (Big Data), has definitely driven this subject and all its aspects, emerging with it a large sum of new issues and debates.

The Atomian AI model began to be developed in the year 2000 but in its conception studies of fields as diverse as the philosophy of Plato (400 BC) and Kant (S.XVIII), to theories of information, computation and neuro-linguistics from the eighteenth century to today have taken part.
Artificial Intelligence, an invention of this century?