Partner Program

The ecosystem for our associates and technical partners

What benefits can you offer to your clients?

We offer real disruptive innovation, and add value to the program with genuinely innovative products to bring new solutions to clients and help develop your business in a constantly expanding sector: cognitive computing.         

A key component in our business model.

Atomian Partners have a predominant role in the commercialization and integration of the product, as well as in the collaboration before and during the development of new technology applications.

Do you want to be part
of our project?

Incorporate cognitive software in your product portfolio.
Bring added value to your solutions.

Our partner programs

VAR partner

Sell, implement and provide service.

Distribute Atomian together with your business solutions to different industries. Obtain certificates after being trained by Atomian and advise your clients. Implement the product or solution and provide the support the client needs.

Alliance partner

Consult, advise and implement.

Work closely with us to identify, settle and implement business opportunities. Collaborate with us to define designs and operations using Atomian, ensuring the best product and service for your customers.

Referral partner

Recommend and sell.

Recommended Atomian to boost your business. You do not need specialised personnel or any cognitive computing expertise. Close the entire sales cycle or simply recommend it and receive a fast return.

ISV partner

Integrate and sell.

Integrate Atomian into your solutions, to be able to distribute and implement cognitive solutions in a scalable way, allowing your company to expand and grow according to its needs.

MSP partner

Expand your offer of professional services.

Expand the ability to provide professional services to your clients, incorporating the cognitive technology that Atomian solutions provide to your portfolio of services.

Contact our Partners

Our core business target is product development. The product portfolio grows and develops as we identify requirements and work on our relations with clients and partners.         

Why join the Atomian partner program?

Lead on cognitive technology.

Become a certified leader in innovative cognitive computing solutions.

Profitable selling.

Sell Atomian products in a rapid growing market and benefit from a rewarding program that offers high profitability.

Differentiate and grow.

Establish a competitive advantage and gain meaningful industry knowledge, while increasing your business.


Innovative solutions.

Atomian partners have an unprecedented opportunity to lead the 4.0 industrial revolution and drive adoption to Atomian cognitive solutions through natural language.

Boost marketing and sales.

Support material for business development and marketing programs. Product guides, technical sheets, use and success cases, videos, newsletters. Presence in the Atomian Ecosystem with access to all the information and resources.

Large commercial opportunity.

The groundbreaking nature of Atomian technology, combined with deep sales expertise and knowledge, provide partners with new opportunities to win highly profitable deals. On top, Atomian has native version in English, Spanish and Catalan, which opens large markets in many locations.

Technical documentation and assistance.

Consultative sales processes require an in-depth understanding of the technology and relevant details. Roadmaps, feature sets, technical architecture and white papers help OPP members accelerate sales. Furthermore, you will have a full technical support at all levels, both partner and end customer.