an Artificial Intelligence
that understands documents

Atomian is an AI that automates the understanding and extraction of key concepts in your incoming documents.

We build highly especialized document reading solutions for several industries.

Superior accuracy

All our document reading solutions reach accuracy levels at 99,9%. You can reliably automate document reading processes.

Seamless integration

Achieving effective automation requires the kind of integrations Atomian does. Use our solutions as cloud APIs or in combination with our integration modules.

Huge savings in time and money

Save up to 99% of your time and up to 70% of your current costs in manual reading tasks. Free your teams for more strategic tasks. Be faster!

Calculate your manual document reading costs

Did you ever think how much your organization spends in incoming documents reading tasks?

How many documents does your organization receive in a working day?

How many seconds in average does it take to read each of those documents?

What’s the hourly cost of a document reading headcount, in USD?

What they say

“Thanks to Atomian’s artificial intelligence we have been able to optimize and speed up our processes”

“The implementation of Atomian technology reduces human errors and helps us to be more agile and flexible in understanding customer needs”

With the agreement with Atomian, we take another important step in supporting to carry out appraisals, allowing our clients to improve quality, time and productivity”

Maria Moyano, Head of Legal Services at Holaluz

Ángeles Aguilar, CEO of ATValor

Juan Carlos Sánchez, CEO of Informática Borsan

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