Atomian is a company that develops
software based products in cognitive computing.

What is cognitive computing?

A computation model that simulates the cognitive process of the human mind.

Atomian is a cognitive architecture, a collection of data, structures and processes that imitate the understanding and reasoning faculties of the human brain, and designed with computation features.

How do we process language?

Atomian processes data as knowledge atoms.

The data used by Atomian consists of indivisible items called knowledge atoms. We have developed our own language processing system (NLP) that transforms sentences into collections of atoms.

Atomian automatizes the reading and extraction of key concepts.

Automation in companies saves great costs and frees up useful time to perform valuable tasks.

The answers provided are always deterministic and informed.

Access all knowledge through natural language. Atomian understands the meaning and generates a response dynamically.   

Atomian has a consumer cloud environment.

The different Atomian applications and products have a Cloud consumption environment available to the user.

How does Atomian learn?

We have developed several applications to extract the knowledge atoms stored in databases and documents.