Court Notifications Reading

Automate the reading of court notifications
obtaining a dramatic saving of costs and time.

Market Challenges

Large amount
of court notifications

Companies house large volumes of court notifications containing key information.

Processes of understanding and
extracting information manually

Professionals spend many hours of their workday extracting key data from court notifications.

Human errors and
their associated costs

The execution of such a monotonous and repetitive task generates human errors at great costs.

Success Cases

“Thanks to Atomian's artificial intelligence we have been able to optimize and speed up our processes"
María Moyano
Legal Advisor
“It means an important advance with respect to the services that Ofionline offers to its clients, by facilitating the possibility of having a service, within the same Ofionline platform, which will mean significant time savings in terms of completing and keeping files is concerned, by automating tedious processes when transferring the court notifications they receive to their Ofionline files"
Germán Dávalos
Managing Director

Atomian integrated in Ofionline

Atomian has partnered with Ofionline, with whom it has integrated the court notifications understanding service into its legal office management platform. 

With the integration of Atomian's AI, all its users will be able to automate the understanding of court notifications, which implies a notable saving of time in their work and an improvement in day-to-day legal practice.

Demo Atomian Court Documents

Atomian Court Documents is a cognitive computing and natural language understanding (NLU) solution, which automates the understanding and extraction of the key concepts contained in the different sections of the document for their subsequent treatment.