Land Registry Deeds Reading

Automate the reading of land registry deeds
obtaining dramatic cost and time savings.

Market Challenges

Large amount
of land registry deeds

Companies house large volumes of land registry deeds containing key information.

Processes of understanding and
extracting information manually

Professionals spend many hours of their workday extracting key data from land registry deeds.

Human errors and
their associated costs

The execution of such a monotonous and repetitive task generates human errors at great costs.

Success cases

“With the agreement with Atomian, we take another important step in supporting to carry out appraisals, allowing our clients to improve quality, time and productivity.”
Juan Carlos Sánchez
“Document handling has been the cornerstone for process optimization at Grupo BC. Together with Atomian, we have achieved great success in classifying and extracting some of the most complex documents in the mortgage process, thereby generating efficiencies and response times alined with the Group's strategy.”
Pablo Gomez-Ullate Pombo
Director of Digital Projects
“The document management of an appraisal company needs tools that allow the optimization of recurring processes in order to reduce times in the production process. In this sense, the cognitive application of information understanding and extraction processes, hand in hand with Atomian, has allowed us a notable reduction in registry reading processes, allowing resources to be allocated to other tasks in the production chain."
Virginia Cristobal
Technical Media Director

Atomian integrated into Informática Borsan

Atomian not only understands the land registry deed, interprets it without errors. This technology and its integration in Tasa and Tasa365 represents an important advance for the sector, whose professionals spend many hours of their working day extracting key data from some documents and who, thanks to this software, will be able to obtain it in seconds. With these characteristics, the software is especially useful for appraisers, mortgage managers, banks, BPOs and companies in the real estate sector.

Demo Atomian Land Registry Deeds

Atomian Land Registry Deeds is a cognitive computing and natural language understanding (NLU) solution, which automates the understanding and extraction of the key concepts contained in the different sections of the document for their subsequent treatment.