Our products

Building new products has become an increasingly easy task for the Atomian team. With the last version of our development tools we became a low-code company, training new extraction solutions in less than 2 months. These development tools will also be available for our partners in future versions.

We deliver all our solutions with accuracy levels higher than 99%. We are experts in both legal and healthcare documents. If your organization needs a new document reading solution don’t hesitate to contact us, we are fast, reliable and seamless.


Court notifications reading

Atomian can read all kinds of US Courts’ notifications, both at federal and state levels. Our solution extracts basic id data, parties, kinds of issue and court decisions, including kinds, actions, dates, audiences, … and many more.

Civil litigations companies in Spain already use a similar solution for Spain Courts’ notices integrated with major legal case management software platforms.

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Leases reading

Atomian extracts near 80 different concepts and key data from leases of all kinds, including landlord, tenant, terms, dates, times and obligations for both parties. This solution is trained both in English and Spanish.

Title deeds and other notary public documents

Reading deeds can be a costly task, since there are many different formats and qualities. Most probably an OCR will be needed to digitalize many documents, and then understand its terms. This is a successful product in Spain that now is being trained in English.


Business Administration


Atomian reads all kinds of invoices, extracting heading information, amounts, currency and also detailed row information.

This is the first product where the Atomian team added non-supervised learning, and a human-on-the-loop revision tool that increases manual work speed by 100%.

Reading invoices in few different templates is not a challenge, trying a templated based model in thousands of different providers will prove impossible unless you built something else.

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Atomian Medical records

It’s not a secret. The Atomian team loves reading healthcare documents of all kinds.

Ask us about this 4-in-1 solution for discharge documents reading, that allows:

  • Medical coding. Coding is a demanding task that will add costs to your medical center, and needs to be done properly to optimize your revenue.
  • Data discovery. Discover what happens in your medical center just asking Atomian with your own words.
  • Research. Many research ideas could start from a simple data extraction, that usually becomes costly or even unaffordable. Researchers can make simple data extractions from the knowledge collected in medical documents.
  • Medical practice. “We keep entering more and more data, but we don’t have a tool to access it in an easy, fast way”. We’ve heard this statement too many times. Now medical staff can just get the information they need for their daily practice in no time.

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