Atomian Highlight

Cognitive software products for reading and key data
extraction from documents.

Atomian Legal Highlight

Atomian can read any kind of legal document, identify key information and create a database adding all the knowledge gathered.

Atomian Business Highlight

Atomian can interpret any incoming message, extract its relevant data and automate a response based on it.

Do you know how to optimize your company processes?

Automate your order management

Atomian interprets any text with a product purchase offer or order and extracts the key information to automate the following process.         

Get key data from legal documents

Atomian reads a free legal text document, identifies the relevant information and creates a database with it.

Identifies causes of inefficiency

Contact one of our Partners for assistance in detecting those processes where efficiency can be improved with Atomian.

Easier sales management

Atomian interprets products orders received by e-mail, or any other kind of message related to sales management.         

Frees resources for operational tasks

Add a layer of intelligence to your systems, to perform tasks that nowadays require support from a large number of employees.

Invest in cognitive processes

Atomian performs tasks by applying cognition rules, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of processes involved