Lesson learned a long time ago: no automation without seamless integration. While all our products are served as cloud APIs, we’ve also developed a set of high performance components to ease their integration in any environment.

Cloud API

If you have in-house development resources you can always use our Cloud API documentation to integrate Atomian as custom. We’ll be happy to assist to ensure you truly automate document reading tasks in a way that meets your business case.

From folder to database

If you have a local or cloud storage where you keep adding incoming documents, we’ll customize our folder to database component and take care of an integration that takes those documents and saves results into a database, remote API or whatever storage you may need. No limits.

Mail to systems

Does your document flow start with incoming emails? In that case, our high performance module will automate the reading, storage, classification and results posting into your systems. You tell what, we integrate the module. Maximum flexibility, results that may change your way of working.

Integration with independent software builders

Yes we do! We love integrating Atomian into your software. We will help with the back-end, the front-end, the marketing campaign, the charging gateway. We’ve done that, and we love it!

We love all integration scenarios, they are key to successful deployments. Tell us your that you want to use Atomian even if you don’t know how, we’ll make the magic.