Atomian Discover

Atomian Discover provides companies with
access to all the knowledge stored in their IT
systems the easiest way possible.

Build your dashboards in minutes

Atomian is a Self-Service Business Intelligence tool. It provides instant access in natural language to all of the knowledge in your company.

Atomian Discover allows you to design your dashboard just typing your queries in the search bar.

You don’t need IT support of any kind. Now you just type your query and save the answer, Atomian answers in seconds.           

Unlimited queries

In natural language


Information provided straight away.

No training required

We all know how to ask for information.

Unlimited users

Everyone has access to the knowledge.

Fast and intuitive

You don’t need to filter information or take complicated procedures.

Authoritative answers

for better decision making

What are the benefits for your company with Discover?

You can provide your team with the high-quality information required to make efficient decisions and enhance all of the business areas in your company.

It allows you to combine data analysis with information exploitation, at the same time, with fast queries and informed results.

The option to create new KPI at any time, without involvement from the Systems department.         

Users can easily share their results between them or build dashboards to make full-screen presentations from their browser.

Instant answers

Atomian transforms all the data stored in your IT systems and documents to create a knowledge cognitive database. You can ask Atomian with your own words.

More information with greater use

Drastic time and cost reductions for information access. A substantial increase in business data flows.​

Use Artificial Intelligence

Taking the first step towards the introduction of a cognitive system in your company, enabling an innovative and radical development that represents the fourth technological revolution.

Build your dashboard

Design your dashboard in minutes and create new KPI’s, alerts and forms at any time just asking.​

Trust our Partners

Our technical partners can install the software and provide all services required.

No training required

We all know how to ask, and Atomian processes any query in natural language.