Atomian Medical Records

It extracts all of the knowledge in medical records

An Atomian product that enables use of structured
and unstructured datain Medical Records, through natural language.

Healthcare professionals should be able to access the generated data.

With Atomian Medical Records, staff have a new perspective on key areas of healthcare management. It can perform searches on knowledge concerning patients, healthcare staff, treatments, analysis and diagnostics.

Through natural language

All of the information in discharge reports is available to healthcare and management staff, to be consulted with questions in natural language.

What do physicians gain with Atomian?

A more detailed understanding of medical records.​

A shared knowledge for similar cases.

Healthcare data to carry out research projects.

The opportunity to identify essential information on patients.

Detect unexplained cases more efficiently.

Find precise information on pharmacology

A new and in-depth understanding of data for hospital management.

Greater efficiency

Improve the efficiency of hospital processes.

Less excessive costs

It reduces pharmaceutical costs.

More control

Minimise clinical variability.

More knowledge

Improve care for chronically ill patients.

More reliable

Reduce patient risk.

Fast installation.

Atomian Medical Records does not require previous training,
is set up before use and does not interfere in hospital operations.