Atomian Healthcare

Solutions to improve access to data
and information generated in the health sector.

Atomian Healthcare.
We make data available to healthcare and management staff

Atomian improve knowledge extraction in health organisations, with an intuitive and helpful system, to improve the quality of healthcare and assist management.

Atomian Medical Records

It improves the medical records exploitation in a hospital or medical center. It provides a cognitive tool to healthcare professionals, allowing them to use natural language to access knowledge generated on a daily basis.

A fast and intuitive tool

Atomian is useful from the first day. We all know how to ask.

The key to improving hospitals management

We offer a new and deep insight on health data.

No previous training required

Atomian Medical Records runs a set-up application before use.

Atomian Medical Records

The Solution to exploit information in medical records.

What’s the situation in the Health Sector?

Rapid data increase

An exponential increase in data. Every five years, the amount of recorded health information doubles.

Invisible data

80% of health data is unstructured and mainly based on medical records taken by healthcare professionals.

IT systems are not adapted to the profile of a physician

The information systems available are currently designed for business managers rather than healthcare professionals.

Retrieving information is not an easy task

Complex methodologies, applications and technology must be understood to retrieve information.