Atomian cognitive technology has
applications in several fields and organisations.

Atomian has developed a range of cognitive software products in response to the different needs of Business Analytics, Healthcare, Legaltech and others.

We are experiencing a rapid increase of data in all areas.

Companies and other organisations have a vast range of data on their practices and sector, but it is extremely difficult to access useful knowledge and reveal dark data.

Cognitive software to solve this challenge.

We have created a digital brain that can process any data source in an organisation. Our digital brain can be replicated by any type of company, regardless of their sector, and provides access to information with a unique interface through natural language. 

A multilateral benefit to all sectors.

Atomian allows improvements to efficiency in corporate processes and cost reductions, with automation and support to people in decision making.         

Business Analytics

Management, Marketing and Sales departments.
Analytics and data analytics through natural language for organizations. Allows users make fast decisions with real time data.


Hospitals, Pharmaceutical industry and Health Insurance.
We provide an easy and intuitive tool to analyze data contained in Medical Records through queries in natural language.


Law firms, Notaries and Accountants
Document reading and key concept extraction. Data analytics through natural language. 


Agencies, Reservation systems
Automation of order management. reading and extraction in texts and incoming messages (e-mail,…)


Banks and finance companies
Sufficiency powers automation, Atomian reads a legal document, identifies the relevant information and generate a document wi


Insurance companies
Discovery of structured and non-structured data in contracts, files, providers and insurance takers.

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