Atomian cognitive technology has
applications in several fields and organisations.

Atomian has developed a range of cognitive software products in response to the different needs of Legal, Business and Healthcare.

We are experiencing a rapid increase of data in all areas.

Companies and other organisations have a vast range of data on their practices and sector, but it is extremely difficult to access useful knowledge and reveal dark data.

Cognitive software to solve this challenge.

We have created a digital brain that can process any data source in an organisation. Our digital brain can be replicated by any type of company, regardless of their sector, and provides access to information. 

A multilateral benefit to all sectors.

Atomian allows improvements to efficiency in corporate processes and cost reductions, with automation and support to people in decision making.         


Banks, BPOs, Appraisers, Real Estate, Attorneys and Law firms.
Document reading and key concept extraction. Data analytics through natural language. 


Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance departments and many more.
Analytics and data analytics through natural language for organizations. Allows users make fast decisions with real time data.


Hospitals, Primary Care Centers, Pharmaceuticals and Health Insurance.
We provide an easy and intuitive tool to analyze data contained in Medical Records through queries in natural language.

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Success cases

"Document handling has been the cornerstone for process optimization at Grupo BC. Together with Atomian, we have achieved great success in classifying and extracting some of the most complex documents in the mortgage process, thereby generating efficiencies and response times alined with the Group's strategy."
Pablo Gomez-Ullate Pombo
Director of Digital Projects
“The document management of an appraisal company needs tools that allow the optimization of recurring processes in order to reduce times in the production process. In this sense, the cognitive application of information reading and extraction processes, hand in hand with Atomian, has allowed us a notable reduction in registry reading processes, allowing resources to be allocated to other tasks in the production chain."
Virginia Cristobal
Technical Media Director
“Atomian allows us to multiply by 10 the number of travel requests processed through our platform, introducing a level of multitasking never seen in our sector before. Much of the success has been thanks to their ability to understand our business and detect the most critical points to collaborate in the transformation of the operating model of our sector”
Santiago Montero